Why I built Email Engage


We had no idea what we were doing...

Which is a little funny considering we were an email marketing software company. 

Honestly, we’d spent so much time building the software that we didn’t think all that much about being great email marketers ourselves. 

But we hired great talent and learned everything we could from the marketing pros who were using our software.

Then we experimented, measured and analyzed our own program for over a decade until we became as good at email marketing as we were at building email marketing software. 

But here's the problem:

You don’t have a decade to tinker and you need a better email program - like, yesterday.

You know that managing templates, navigating quirky design rules, understanding sending frequency, analyzing what works and what doesn’t is hard enough, and that's just the beginning of building a great program. 

What about analysis? Conversion rate optimization? Automation? Re-engagement programs? 

Sometimes it feels like giant black hole, so our email programs just kind of sit there collecting dust.

Most programs I analyze remind me of the power tools in my shed. Good intent, not making my home more valuable.

Let’s face it, even for seasoned marketers, sometimes our email program feels more weekend warrior than our professional day job.


Sometimes it's just knowing where to start

Building an engaged audience who actually look forward to hearing from you takes work, commitment and lots of hours that you can't spend *just* on email marketing. 

Even though you know, when done right, email marketing is hands-down the most reliable and predictable marketing channel.

Wouldn’t it be great to have someone come in and get everything in order? 

Someone to help you understand your audience, build some groups, automate the key communications for more personalization, build high-converting designs, understand sending frequency and build a content strategy to convert that audience into new or better customers? 

That’s why Email Engage makes so much sense. It’s a groundwork product which takes years of experience and research and bakes it into your email program from the ground up.

It’s quick and to the point. It’s about building a strong foundation that can support growth and more sophistication over time. It’s not guesswork and hope. 

When you think about things you can do for your business that can move the needle now and sustainably over time, your email program should be at the top of the list. Honestly, it’s a must-have. 

Don’t let your program sit around like my dust covered table saw. Let’s get you the tools to build a better business.

Super Simple Pricing

These pre-packaged services make it easy to get the ball rolling on your growth program.  


With Email Engage You Get

  • Branding, Design and Content review with best practices recommendations
  • Content Strategy and sending frequency recommendations 
  • Email List review with data capture and segmentation recommendations 
  • Automation recommendations based on best practices

I'll hand-deliver your package with my recommendations, helpful visuals, schedules, checklists and more into a shareable PDF for you and your team. Turnaround time is typically one week.  Click the blue button below and let's get a conversation started.