Bring it on down to Socialville

Ever seen one of those folks who stand in front of a business twirling an advertising sign? 

Yeah, we all have. 

And we probably all ask ourselves the same question when we do. Can I take a class to learn those awesome sign twirling tricks? I mean, um, Does that actually work?


It doesn’t. 

Why? Because nearly all of the people driving by aren’t on their way to that store, nor are they in the market for what the store sells, nor are they even shopping at that moment. 

It’s mostly a distraction and it’s definitely not adding any value to the driving experience of the passers by. 

Sadly, this is pretty similar to the way most businesses approach their Social Media Program. 

We craft 140 character advertisements, carefully word our Facebook coupons and wait for the likes to pour in.

Then they don’t. 

What does work is when a program is integrated into a larger marketing strategy and there are clear KPIs and success metrics.

What does work is understanding your audience and how you deliver value to them in a Social context.

What does work is genuine, human interaction and a little less advertising.

Social Engage is about transforming your Social presence into a business process, with business results. 

I take a holistic view of the role Social plays in your marketing plan then build a content strategy, posting schedule and optimize the design of up to 3 profiles.

It’s a great way to build your brand and drive revenue while you’re at it. 

So if you’re ready to turn your Social program into a customer-centered, engagement driving, brand building revenue machine then we should talk.

Who wouldn’t want that?

Also, if you come across a sign spinning class will you send a link my way? Asking for a friend. 

Super Simple Pricing

These pre-packaged services make it easy to get the ball rolling on your growth program.  


With Social Engage You Get

  • An audit of your current program and activity
  • A social media strategy brief with best practices and competitive landscape review
  • Social profile optimization (copy, design and conversion path)
  • Content strategy and posting schedule for each recommended platform.

I'll hand-deliver your package with my recommendations, helpful visuals, schedules, checklists and more into a shareable PDF for you and your team. Turnaround time is typically one week.  Click the blue button below and let's get a conversation started.