Hi, I'm Grey Garner and I help accelerate revenue growth.

You've got a great business. You're really good at what you do and you want to see it grow.

You know there's more you should be doing on the Marketing & Sales side, but you're not really an expert and that stuff takes up a lot of time.

You're focused on building a great team, refining processes,  managing the overall operations and countless other details, which means those new revenue activities don't get the time and attention they need.

And that's where growth stalls. 

I specialize in optimizing customer acquisition, retention and up-sell programs by providing expert-level guidance and implementation across your entire Sales and Marketing funnel.

I'll help you build a program that drives results today and a framework that can scale up over time.

let's craft a custom engagement for exactly what you need.

Customer Acquisition

Marketing & Sales should work against a shared set of goals, with complimentary processes focused on delivering value with every interaction through the close. I align the entire acquisition funnel to reduce friction and correct misalignment across Sales and Marketing teams.


Developing a deep understanding and empathy for your customer means customer success can move from a reactive cost center to a proactive growth driver. I build programs to unlock existing customer growth and expansion revenue.


Building a great product is hard. Most teams cobble together a system that 'works', but often struggle to engage customers in truly meaningful ways. I help align product process with customer success.

What's holding your business back?